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Mirroring the soulfulness and emotional power of High Jewelry, the Sixième Sens par Cartier collection exemplifies an art form that elicits surprise and wonder through the depths of thousand-year-old stones.


Collection's spellbinding combination of stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of coloured light is heightened by the splendid shimmer and magnificent hues of gems.

To illustrate the collection’s bejewelled compositions, the elements of trompe-l’œil, graphic patterns and optical illusions are also artfully crafted in to challenge one’s perceptions before the unique pieces come alive next to the skin. Transporting beholders to a world of sensory stimulation, the jewels magically awaken all the senses, including the sixth sense, with the most vivid emotions in moving one’s heart.

With a stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of coloured light, shimmering gems electrify while stones in flavoursome hues of ripe fruits summon up scents of distant paradises. Quivering in the light, jewels come to life upon contact with the skin.

Mazarine created the campaign for the High Jewelery Collection 'Sixième Sens par Cartier'. A social and digital campaign composed by Model shot & still life visuels and videos heros, that is embodied by actress and friend of the Maison Golshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress in exile, that between surprise and wonder, reveals the fascinating depths of thousand‐year‐old stones, awakening the most vivid of emotions.

Why Golshifteh?


Accomplished actress, singer and musician, Golshifteh Farahani, is the ambassador of this awe-striking high jewelry collection. This multi-hyphenate creative moves with ease between arthouse films and Hollywood productions, spanning the course of her 20-year career. She has made her mark on the red carpet, where she is known for her style and elegance. After fleeing the repressive regime in Iran, the actress has been turning heads, leaving a successful mark and has become an international icon for all seeking excellence and ultimate freedom in expression of life and art itself.


To view the collection and all inquiries, visit Cartier


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