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KIM JONES seeks to celebrate the city of Paris and the House of Dior's significant place in its Past, Present and Future.


From the heart of one of the most magical places in the world, Paris, House of Dior presented yet again another tantalizing line of Fashion creations that both evokes nostalgia and ignites inspiration.

This season, for Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Creative Director Kim Jones sought to honor the Paris in all of its historic and glamorous glory. More specifically, with this show, Jones looked to celebrate the city by creating pieces that reflected its fruitful and long-standing relationship with the House of Dior.

The 49-look collection was both historically referential and contemporary. In a perfect balance between old and new, it looked back to some of the house’s most famous looks, while still playing into current styles.

While celebrating Dior’s past, Jones also honored current trends. Each look featured a pair of oversized trousers paired with long or baggy button-ups and sweatshirts. These garments highlighted the current trend of oversized clothing and layering.

Dior’s Men's Fall/Winter 2022 collection was a celebration of the Paris of yesterday and today, and the house’s significant place within its history. Jones aimed to solidify Dior’s place atop the global fashion canon as a house that is as committed to its past, yet is looking towards a more hopeful future.

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