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Launched late 2021 in Canada by lululemon, Mirror is a nearly invisible interactive home gym. Users can engage with Mirror’s digital community and the platform’s content for all skill levels with new live classes daily and thousands of on-demand workouts anytime.

lululemon acquired Mirror in July 2020 and the launch in Canada strengthens and enhances its omni guest experiences with cutting-edge digital and interactive capabilities. With best-in-class content and a versatile platform powered by advanced camera technology and a personal performance dashboard, Mirror extends lululemon’s digital sweat and mindful offerings and community engagement to new and existing Canadian guests.

Mirror offers new live classes daily led by lululemon Mirror Ambassadors – and thousands of on-demand workouts available 24/7 – including boxing, barre, cardio, strength, yoga, meditation and more, in addition to inclusive offerings for family and prenatal/postnatal. Certified trainers provide expert instruction, motivation and live feedback in classes spanning 50+ genres, ranging from 5- to 60-minute sessions for beginner to expert levels.

The idea of connected community comes to fruition through Mirror’s features including:

  • Camera On: Members can connect with friends in the Mirror community to create an immersive sweat experience.

  • Face Offs: Members can compete one-on-one with friends in Mirror classes. Points are earned when target heart rate zones are maintained.

  • High Fives: Members can send emojis to motivate friends in classes.

  • Friending: Members can find and follow friends in the Mirror community.

  • Recommended for You: Members can receive a set of workouts each week based on their individual profile.

Mirror retails for $1,895;


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