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Anthony William Shannon : MUVE-ING Barriers In Society

Meet Anthony William Shannon, a 29-year-old serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder of MUVE. Shannon has a keen ability to spot an idea, especially a disruptive one.

MUVE all started one night in 2017 when Anthony hailed a taxi. It was not just any taxi but one that was also used for wheelchair access riders. The driver discussed the lack of non-emergency, reliable transportation for the mobility challenged and this informal conversation led to a meeting with Peter Grande, a leader in the automotive and transportation space. And in that moment of good fortune or luck, MUVE (My Universal Vision for Everyone) was born. Anthony and Peter became co-founders, and their world changed forever. So did ours!

MUVE is the innovative on-demand ride-share service for all abilities. This solution offers reliable and dependable on-demand, door-to-door, accessible transportation services. MUVE lets riders schedule trips with drivers trained for sensitivity awareness and assisting users of all abilities. The MUVE app is available on both the iOs and Android. With MUVE, all abilities have the freedom to come and go as they please.

MUVE’s values are those of Shannon’s: accessibility, inclusivity, and equality for all. What’s so remarkable about Anthony is that he does not come from a family with a mobility challenge and his background is in technology. As a teenager, his father encouraged him to dive into the emerging world of mobile apps and that led to work opportunities with start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies. The combined experience became the foundation of Shannon’s ethos.

With an estimated 1 billion persons around the world who are disabled, Shannon and Grande quickly recognized how MUVE could help individuals as well as governments, cities, and communities offer more inclusive transit solutions that were reliable, safe, and affordable. A city, inclusive to all, is a prosperous city.

“I make links between people and disruptive technology. My goal is to work on innovative software projects that have the potential to solve worldwide problems. I am driven by change and am always enthusiastic about discovering new technologies that have potential for impact, and positive disruption.”

MUVE’s mobility solutions are now rolling out in several cities across North America, in partnership with local transit authorities, including a recent pilot project with Montreal’s STM and a new one starting in Michigan’s Washtenaw County - In fact, MUVE has a long-standing relationship with the state, having worked closely with MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) since 2018. MUVE’s success has laid the foundation of more on-boarding of the go muve app in other jurisdictions in the months ahead.

MUVE is rapidly expanding to provide inclusive mobility solutions to move people, goods, and data. Learn more and download the app at

What’s next for Shannon? Remember, this is a serial tech entrepreneur – he does not stand still. One thing is certain, whatever the challenge, Shannon will be there, with a scalable solution, disruptive in nature, driven by change yet designed with inclusivity for all.

Public relations: Zenergy Communicatons

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