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DEALMAKER, Canada's Third Fastest Growing Company Under Female Leadership

Guiding DealMaker, Canada’s 3rd fastest growing company, with her unapologetic ambition, Rebecca has become a trailblazing leader at the intersection of two traditionally male-dominated sectors: FinTech and the Capital Markets.

Rebecca has embodied the essence of entrepreneurial spirit and drive while leveraging her in-depth expertise as a securities lawyer and a leading expert in the capital markets. Her leadership has propelled the company forward to become the 3rd fastest growing in Canada and a leader in the equity crowdfunding FinTech space in all of North America.

“It is truly an honour to be recognized as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women” said CEO and Co-Founder of DealMaker, Rebecca Kacaba. “As a female founder, I’m passionate about opening doors for female entrepreneurs and I believe the company I built does just that. Equity crowdfunding is a powerful tool for underserved, under represented founders. It gives access to capital for those underfunded by traditional routes, and it opens pre-IPO investment opportunities to the public and not just those with Wall Street connections.”

“In the over a decade I’ve known Rebecca, I have never met someone more brave, determined, and strong. She’s an unstoppable force when it comes to what she sets forth to accomplish. She has risen to the very top of her field in business law, capital markets, and now technology,” said Mat Goldstein, CSO and Co-Founder of DealMaker.

“Rebecca has powered the growth and expansion of our company from an initial concept to one of Canada’s top performing technology companies growing over 5,000% since incorporation. She has redefined my entire world view on what it means to be driven. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be inspired by, and learn from, Rebecca’s exceptional dedication to excellence. ”

Rebecca has been recognized by top institutions throughout her career having won Lexpert's Top 40 Under 40, named one of North America's most innovative lawyers by the Financial Times, and selected as a finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022. Leading organizations and thought leaders in FinTech have continued to recognize DealMaker’s growth and impact in modernizing capital markets transactions.

In 2022, DealMaker won “Best Crowdfunding Company” by FinTech BreakThrough Awards, was as a finalist for the “Fintech of the Year” at the 2nd annual US Fintech Awards and nominated for the Equity Crowdfunding Self-Hosting Technology of the Year.

Founded in 2018, DealMaker is, transforming the way brands raise capital through democratizing access and harnessing technology. Leading international brands like the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Osisko Development Corporation, and Carbon Streaming Corporation have relied on DealMaker’s technology to manage large, self-hosted online capital raises. In only 4 years since its inception, DealMaker has powered over $1.5 Billion dollars in capital raised, more than double any leading US counterpart in less than half the operating history. By delivering transparency, increasing speed, and harnessing technology, DealMaker has risen to become the market leader in online capital raising.

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