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You might associate selecting your drink to your mood or the occasion. But there's more science to your favorite liquor.

For the seasoned drinkers, here's what your favorite liquor says about you...

1. Whiskey

Whiskey is the drink of the confident person. Regaling people with stories about your life is your favorite past time, and you don't believe in being just 'happy high'.

2. Scotch

You are more of a slow drinker, one who enjoys the finer aspects of life. Your accompaniments will never just be plain chakna, your drink will never be directly from the bottle and you are perfectly happy in just stating one single quote of wisdom than speak the entire night.

Even when people call you pretentious for knowing the difference between whiskey and scotch, you silently sip your drink and let your looks do the talking.

3. Brandy

You are the one who sneaks in their parent's liquor cabinet and steal a sip because ever since the time your father made you sip brandy on a cold hill station, you couldn't resist the lure of this alcohol.

4. Beer

You like to chill and you know exactly how to. You don't want to experience intoxicated falls, though you learnt that the hard way after consuming a whole beer tower on your own.

Just like your favorite beverage, you have the capacity to be really intense, but it takes a couple of hours or a few dozen pints, for that affect to come across.

5. Rum

You are the real king (or queen) of good times. You are often the last man (or woman) standing, or rather stumbling your way out of a party. You don't need company to enjoy your favorite drink.

Have you tried THE EXECUTIVE ?

A whiskey-lovers aperitif, this sipper is slightly sweet and alluringly bitter.

1 oz. rye whiskey 3/4 oz. Campari 1/4 oz. vanilla liqueur 1 barspoon Fernet-Branca Tools: mixing glass, barspoon Glass: rocks Garnish: 1/2 oz. Jamaican rum and flamed orange peel

Combine all ingredients and stir with ice. Strain into an ice-filled glass, float Jamaican rum on top and garnish.


6. Wine

You love sophistication. You want to present an image of style and the glass in your hand is an extension of your personality.

Even though you still Google answers to why a wine glass is only half filled, you know that you can rely on the fifth half-filled wine glass to make your answers interesting.

7. Gin

You are the rare breed. The one who orders a gin and tonic in a crowd of beer drinkers, wine connoisseurs and whiskey lovers. But you are set in your rules and won't change for the world.

8. Vodka

This was the first drink that you tried, when sneaking out with your friends and ditching the tuition class. And that age is what you unknowingly exhibit every time you down a drink or claim for 'shots'.

But you don't mind the judgmental stares because while other people start their night at the fifth drink, you are already swaying to silent beats by your second.

9. Tequila

You are the adventure lover who needs a constant influx of thrill in your life. After all the party hasn't started till your insides start burning. You maybe coughing out more than what you're downing in, but you know that your outrageous dance

10. Absinthe

You are a slave to the exotic and believe in the 'higher' life. Thus, alcohol is a base desire you don't always indulge in, but if you have to, then it is with a drink that can help you forget the present and remember the future!


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