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WORKWOLF® : A Smarter Way to Recruit

Workwolf® is a Toronto-based technology start-up solving two of the biggest problems experienced by the employment market: applicant filtration and resume verification. The company has won numerous innovation awards for its use of blockchain technology in a commercially viable system which is dedicated solely to improving the hiring process.

Securing an international provisional patent in 2020 for using a distributed ledger in their “systems & methods for controlling access to verified credentials during recruitment”, Workwolf® went from a small team of developers to the international stage. Winning both the Blockchain Enterprise Transformational Platform Award and the Recruitment Automation Award at VivaTechnology in France, Workwolf’s platform caught the eye of ManpowerGroup’s Chief Innovation Officer and Workwolf® is close to finalizing an international deal with the world’s third largest recruiting company.

Erik Simins, Cofounder & CEO

After commercializing their technology in late 2021, Workwolf® is already adding more than 1,000 users per month and they’ve secured several significant contracts with customers such as Xerox Canada, Desjardins Insurance and HUB International.

“We weren’t really looking to take market share from the multi-billion-dollar Applicant Tracking System business. We thought of ourselves as more of a complimentary application, rather than a competitor. However, the need presented itself with our customers and our tech just solved their problems better than what was out there. So, I guess now you’d call us an ATS-on-Steroids” -Erik Simins, CEO

The Power Under The Hood

The Workwolf® platform provides a dashboard for employers with two main functions; first is the predictive performance analytic tool called Packfinder. This technology accurately predicts each applicant’s ability to perform their job duties. The dashboard then ranks, sorts and filters applicants, cutting resume screening numbers from 200+ irrelevant resumes to maybe 15 or 20 perfect matches. The Second feature enables employers to deploy Credential Credits to their top applicants. Within the Workwolf® system, every applicant is provided a FREE Digital Work Passport TM which contain their Packfinder results, but also can securely hold digital data records provided directly from governing institutions. The system tethers employers, applicants and verifiers seamlessly while the Credential Credits are used validate applicant resume claims such as academic backgrounds, records of employment or references, making them ready to view immediately upon job offer. By using a permission ledger to secure data records and shift control of the information, Workwolf® allows authenticated data to be shared securely peer-to-peer. The net result is a tamper-proof resume that is verifiable in real-time, and a much faster, less expensive hiring process.

Workwolf adds an entirely new layer of authenticity to resumes and professional profiles. By allowing employers to see what motivates applicants, how they act under pressure and how they deal with conflict, as well as being able verify resume claims earlier in the process, we’ve taken a lot of the risk out of hiring. Customers who have implemented our tech are finding better matched, quality candidates and making their hires in literally half the time. -Erik Simins, CEO

What’s Next?

Workwolf’s tagline is to “Unleash The Power of Truth” and their goal is to eliminate the guess work from hiring completely. People can be great interviewers but terrible performers. Also, misrepresentation is real problem these days with more than 60% of resumes having claims which are embellished, inaccurate or false. Workwolf® want to clean this up.

Once Workwolf® has a critical mass of users and, they want to open their network so that employers and job seekers can connect based on their innate character traits and benchmarks of employers’ top performing people. The network will also provide a means to easily share verifiable credentials that are critical to employment screening. Their objective is to improve the employment market so that employers will know who they’re hiring, before they hire them and to provide candidates insights into whether or not they will perform well with the company culture and environment they’re applying for. Now under development, Workwolf® is calling their new ecosystem the AlphaBoard and hope to release it in early 2023.

The Wolf Behind Workwolf®

Erik Simins, isn’t one for conforming to rules or for letting things just sit if they aren’t ‘right’. When he got bullied in high school by a boxer, he learned to box. When he witnessed inefficiencies and opportunities at his employer, he approached them to start a new division. When they said ‘no’, he started his own company staffing company called MAGNUSTM and turned it into one of Canada’s best known healthcare staffing agencies. When his teams and customers at MAGNUS kept facing the same problems without a technology available to solve it, he built his own and called it Workwolf®.

Erik likes to push boundaries and challenge himself and his teams to do always do better. One of his favourite quotes is “better has no finish line” and he believes that a soon as you stop learning, you start growing old.

Looking at Erik’s own Packfinder results, it’s easy to see why he’s unstoppable. His Self Management, Motivational Profile & Comfort with Conflict scores were off the chart and when reviewing his profile with Workwolf® advisor Robert Dougan of RAD Potential, “It’s easy to see why Erik has invited challenges into his life where others would shy away. He actually enjoys them and requires them to thrives!”

In less than 10 minutes, find out what jobs are best suited for you and which jobs you should probably avoid.

If you’re hiring, Workwolf® is providing a 30 day Free Trial to employers to see how much easier and less expensive it is to hire amazing talent when leveraging Workwolf’s technology.

You can connect with Erik Simins directly or for a demo contact Stephen Brennan at


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