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Leslie Quinton
VP of Communications


A passionate leader, a committed team player, an award-winning speaker and strategist, Leslie has expertise in a range of domains and sectors based on many years as an advisor and working within major corporations as head of communications and CSR, including ESG performance. A consummate professional, she scores very high in organizational thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution, and has been called the ultimate people person. She thrives in environments of high challenge and loves to drive change by creating scenarios that allow self-expression and empowerment of stakeholders.
Her background in the arena of professional communications includes everything from acting as a publishing editor to crisis management, with deep experience managing corporate communications, strategic planning, teaching and as a consultant in agencies with worldwide networks. A global thinker, Leslie is very adaptable, places a high value on collaboration, and is a good mentor to her colleagues. She has been on over 30 non-profit boards in the past 20 years, was an award-winning instructor at McGill University, and strongly believes that more human places to work are more productive places to work. Leslie is a mentor and coach to young professionals from various sectors and is an accomplished speaker and budding author.

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Glenda Gilcorado
Sr Director of Employer Brand


Recipient of Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders in Canada in 2022 and with two decades of #leadership experience, Glenda's expertise spans a diverse range of HR specialties. Her career journey has taken her through the realms of employer branding, diversity, equity, and inclusion, talent acquisition, succession planning, leadership development, international mobility, talent management program creation, continuous improvement, process management, organizational development, and coaching.

Currently leading Global Talent Management at Saputo, 
Glenda's approach is both human-centered and strategic, with a clear objective: to create value and drive impact for both employees and the organization as a whole.

Robert Rudy


Strategic leader specializing in creating high performance corporate cultures and leadership teams, Robert's work is focused on organizational change and delivering exceptional results. Leveraging a sharp skills portfolio in companywide cross-functional teams, corporate finance objectives and talent development while ensuring delivery of organizational performance objectives.

Robert's expertise spans having led high growth enterprises, focusing on change management and leadership, creating and sustaining high performance/high commitment cultures as well as effectively managing all aspects of business with a proven track record of success leading to increased market share, operational excellence and improved profitability.

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Jessica Laverdiere
Director of E-Retail


Jessica is an accomplished business leader with over 10+ years of FMCG experience developing strong partnerships, building customer centric growth plans, increasing revenue and maximizing profitability. 
Jessica is a results oriented intrapreneur, skilled in creating innovative strategies to drive revenue profitably, while empowering teams to outpace targets and achieve collective success. Through her career, Jessica has developed notable commercial experience through her various sales positions on drug, wholesale and mass merchant retailers across Canada.

James Coburn
Vice President

James is a unicorn. He has been fortunate to learn from some of the best. A trusted advisor and consigliere to many of the world’s top agencies, brands and creative talent.

One of the industry’s top recruiters. Coburn has been interviewing and casting for talent at all levels at Mandrake for over two decades. Hundreds of searches. Thousands of interviews. But that’s just the tip of the spear. He is also an actor, showrunner and executive producer. James believes that creativity is the key to how we will survive as an industry. His entire career is testament to that.

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Sarah Hébert-Tremblay
Lawyer & Trademark Specialist

BCF Business Law

Sarah's main focus is litigation related to the different types of intellectual property rights, particularly trademarks and copyrights, and drafting of commercial contracts related to intellectual property.
She also acts in connection with trademark registrations, administrative proceedings before the trademarks registrar, portfolio management, commercialization of intellectual property rights, and advises clients on matters involving trademark registration and availability.

Noah Redler
Co-Founder and President

Arche Innovation

Curious thinker, persistent innovator, and a strong advocate for blending humanity and tech seamlessly. At the core of his endeavors is Arche Innovation, a project he's deeply proud of. It's not about accolades or titles for Noah; it's the thrill of discovery and the joy of learning that keeps him going.

With a career that’s as varied as it is rich, Noah’s worn several hats. From being the Campus Director at Montreal’s Notman House to navigating the world of elections, each role was a chapter of exploration, filled with ups, downs, and plenty of lessons. The ‘Just for Laughs’ stint? Just one of those delightful detours on his professional path.

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Scott Simons

Be Human Club.

Serial socialpreneur and with over 16 years experience in business and corporate training, Scott's career spans beyond creating and developing inspiring projects, he is a yoga and meditation teacher, personal trainer, speaker and health coach since 2004. Scott's is the Founder of Organik Wellness Agency , Cofounder of Be human Club and Desta black youth network.

His greatest sources of inspiration are found in his daily practice of health and sharing his insights and tips in living a healthy life on social media with his network.

Sonia Di Maulo


With over 23 years supporting team and individual performance from local to global organizations, Sonia uses her focused strength of perspective to leverage direction, clarity, potential and business insight to drive teams and organizational performance, adding tangible value to the lives of many. Driven to create a more equal and just society, she naturally cultivates community to create significant, scalable impact, and mutually supportive, meaningful relationships. 
She is an expert in leading and cultivating high-performance teams, creating a safe space for learning and growth, and inspiring a reinvention mindset that supports anticipation, design, and implementation of solutions over time. Sonia’s award-winning approach is one of compassion and empathy, generating harmony and actionable performance driven by purpose. 

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Mélodie Desrosiers


Mélodie combines her extensive 20-year experience as a trusted partner in brand strategy and marketing consultancy. Her impressive list of collaborations includes prominent global brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, Unity, Desjardins, Bell, Via Rail, Loreal, GSoft, and Air Transat, among others, as well as renowned agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Geometry Global, Y&R, Pentagram, Sidlee, and Cossette. Her expertise spans various domains, with a particular emphasis on creativity, innovation, and technology.

Throughout her career, Mélodie has consistently held top-tier positions. She achieves this by closely partnering with leading brands, nurturing the development of successful brand strategies, cultivating new intellectual property, overseeing innovation development, and adeptly managing comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaigns. 

Patrizia Angela Casubolo
President & CEO


Life impactor, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Patrizia is a multilingual passionate entrepreneur and inventor and founder at Cochic.

Driven by passion for innovation, creativity and quality, she takes risks and push limits to make a difference.
She love sharing her experience to help and motivate others to succeed in their purpose and believes in mutual collaboration.

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Jeehye Jung
Chief Marketing Officer 

An accomplished marketing professional, Jee harnesses the power of people and connection to build lasting brands. For her, marketing is not just a business strategy; it's an expression of our shared humanity and a commentary on our current culture.


In a world where companies compete for the same data sets and metrics, Jee takes a distinctive approach. In today's economy, where supply often surpasses demand, the key to long-term growth lies in avoiding the competitive race altogether. Instead of getting caught up in the relentless pursuit of rivals, she assists businesses in finding and capitalizing on their unique niche found at the intersection of purpose, data, and culture. 


With a decade of experience working with +60 businesses extending from small mom-and-pop shops to international festivals, rising technology startups to crown corporations; Jee has consistently led the development and implementation of growth strategies that yield meaningful results with lasting brand power. 





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Located at the heart of Montreal’s Quartier international on De Bleury Street, Hotel Monville is a four-star boutique hotel serving both the business and tourists communities seeking to immerse themselves in the Montréal experience.

Remarkable for its abundant windows that offer panoramic views of the metropolis, the Monville, created in 2018, is a hotel with an original design that combines state-of-the-art technology, ecological practices and attentive service in a friendly atmosphere. 

The hotel is steps away from the historical Old Montreal and Quartier des spectacles. 


Source: Hotel Monville

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